Data Collection & Monitoring

Our team of experienced and well-educated scientist staff are confident designing and implementing scientific investigations for a wide-range of topics. We have extensive experience employing research projects for our clients from the Forest Service to the DEQ. We use a combination of field work, examining previous research, and computative analysis to come up with intentional and meaningful data and results.  Our field techniques are up-to-date and take advantage of new technology- for example we often enter data on tablets and use georeferenced maps in the field to minimize error and maximize efficiency of field staff. We have managed data in many different ways including analyzing data in GIS and providing extensive statistical and exploratory analysis for clients.

Topics of past research include:

  • Plant ecology
  • Fire science
  • Forest health
  • Wetland health assessments
  • Grassland/rangeland function
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Rare plant surveys & monitoring
  • Soil classifications 
  • Many more...