Hungry Beaver Timber Contracting

Greg Seitz, D.B.A. Hungry Beaver LLC, has been logging around western Montana since 1998. There is not much in the forest that Greg hasn't done. He has been a faller for production logging outfits, commercial thinning crews, forest fire mods, and ski mountains. We have been working with Greg since he went out on his own almost ten years ago. Now in control of his own show, Greg prefers to work on contracts involving forest health and fuels reduction, in addition to contracting out to the Forest Service on fires as a professional faller. Since Watershed often gets contracts with large, commercially viable timber, we have found that enlisting the help of a professional logger like Greg is invaluable. Though all of us still receive a thrill when dropping trees, we operate on different set of ideals than most. We are in the woods to improve habitat, preserve resources, reduce fuel loading, and elevate stand health. It is those shared ideals that make Greg such a valuable partner. He has earned the apt nickname "Screamin' Greg!", due to his frequent outbursts of enthusiasm when his Excalibur, "Thunder Sickle", is in hand.  It isn't all business though, Greg is also a very good friend. He is always down for the ski slopes, a backyard bbq, or a few beverages after a solid day's work.

One of the core principles of our business model at Watershed Consulting is strength through collaboration. Other companies may call this sub contracting, but we build stronger relationships, and consider our partners family. We are honored to be a part of this community of independant folks who have both worked with us and employed us over the years. These folks prove that there is no stronger force than cooperation. Meet some of our friends!

Timberland Excavating

Jake Watts is the owner / operator of Timberland Excavating Inc. in Missoula. We met Jake in the summer of 2017 and were excited to learn about a business right in our hometown with values so closely aligned with ours. Often with restoration projects, it takes a team of equipment operators who can double as project managers. When Jake joins us on projects, he brings his skills as a second Rosgen certified professional operator who is passionate about environmental construction. Jake has a degree in forestry from the University of Montana, and spent 8 years around the northwest working with logging outfits and mills, both as an equipment operator and a forester. Having grown up in a construction family working with his father and brother on large civil projects in Pennsylvania, he decided in 2016 to combine his skills as an operator with his background in forest & riparian environments, and he launched his own environmental excavation company. He is a great friend and true asset to the Missoula contracting community.

Bad Goat Forest Products

Okay, so "partner" is not quite accurate in regards to Bad Goat. They are actually Watershed's sister company. Started by Mark Vander Meer in 2005, their missoin is to complete the triangle of our brand of sustainable forestry:

 Local forest and watershed treated - merchantable timber harvested - timber sold to Bad Goat for local milling and custom orders. With the help of Bad Goat, we are able to provide a full service forest to lumber operation. The current manager at Bad Goat is Max Hewes, who came to operate Bad Goat from Northern Idaho. Max has spent the past several years logging and operating equipment for an outfit in Oregon. Max manages day to day operation, runs the sawmill, and makes custom beams, boards, and timbers. Drop by the mill at 1301 Scott St. Missoula to check out their inventory, get an estimate for custom milling, or just meet the gang.

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Greg Seitz - 406.531.9780

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