Smelter Hills ~ Anaconda, Montana

Smelting activities in Anaconda combined with extensive logging led to large-scale erosion and gully formation on fragile upland soils.  Since 2009, Watershed Consulting has been leading design and oversight of restoration and remediation activities on steep slope uplands in the Anaconda National Priorities List (Superfund) Site, under contract with the Natural Resource Damage Program. 

  • Activities over the years have included planting of nearly 200,000 containerized plant stock, seeding, soil amendment, mechanized installation of erosion control BMPs, design and implementation of vegetation monitoring programs, mapping and site assessment studies. 

  • Dozens of demonstration projects were implemented over the years to prove the efficacy of steep slope BMP techniques in roadless areas. 

  • We are now in the process of consolidating these lessons into a conceptual plan for the restoration of over 80 square miles of upland terrain near the continental divide outside Anaconda, MT.