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Improved Habitat

Watershed Consulting is the local expert and regional distributor of BioHaven floating treatment wetlands, a bio-mimetic water treatment technology. BioHaven floating islands act as concentrated biofilm reactors, rapidly processing and removing contaminants from waterways.


The non-woven, recycled PET plastic matrix provides enhanced habitat for microbial communities that metabolize excess nutrients. A 250 square foot island provides more than an acre of wetland surface area. We can help you design your very own, customized BioHaven floating treatment wetland.

Wetland & Water Quality Services

Watershed Consulting works with all aspects of wetland services to include wetland condition assessments, permitting, restoration and even treatment wetlands. Watershed Consulting employs a Professional Wetland Scientists and a wetland botanist who have performed several large-scale wetland studies, as well as delineated thousands of acres of wetlands.


Let us help you with:

  • Wetland evalulation and survey
  • Wetland restoration design and implementation
  • Wetland delineation and functional assessments
  • Wetland mapping and classification
  • Wetland local, state and federal permits
  • Treatment wetlands for improving water quality


Learn more about our Floating Treatment Wetlands Program

  • Provide habitat above and below the waterline

    • Reduce need for supplemental fish feed by supporting dense macro-invertebrate populations

    • Provide shelter for fish

    • Act as nesting islands for loon and other migratory birds

    • Ideal sunbathing for reptiles and amphibians

Water Quality Benefits

  • Remove water pollutants without the need for chemical treatment

    • Reduce and remove nitrogen, phosphorous, BOD, COD and ammonia levels

    • Naturally remove dissolved and particulate heavy metals

    • Drastically reduce total suspended solids and turbidity

  • Prevent harmful algae blooms by removing excess nutrients

    • Improve water clarity

    • Reduce unsightly floating algeal mats

    • Shade out submerged aquatic weeds

Custom Design

  • Designed and engineered to any size, shape and application

    • Species-specific nesting and spawning islands

    • Organic shapes for asethetics

    • Fishing platforms

    • Boat docks and ramps

    • Support large structures

    • Vegetate with virtually any water-loving species or hardscape for human use